April 23, 2018
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Product Description:

The AMD Filter (Acrylic Medium Density):   Manufactured in Canada.

The NHD Filter (Nylon High Density): Manufactured in Canada.

The Nafta Canada HS Tarif classification code is 8421.21

Specially designed membrane of the filter, traps wet waste scraps and grease particles while allowing water to escape at its natural flow rate.

The Rhino™  Filtration Unit:  Manufactured in Canada. 

The unit is a simple but highly effective device which filters out most of the organic solid matter before it enters the grease trap. By doing so, it prevents the organic material (food particles) from accumulating in the grease traps. 

The Nafta Canada HS Tarif classification code is 8421.99

Rhino™  Maintenance:

To insure that the Rhino™  Wet Waste Filtration System performs at maximum efficiency, the following maintenance program should be done on a weekly basis.

  • Remove clear plastic lid.
  • Remove filter.
  • Spray lid with cleaner/degreaser and let the lid soak. If near a dish washing machine run lid through it. If near a sink, wash lid in sink. DO NOT use green scrub pad or stainless steel scrub pad on the clear plastic lid. This will scratch the surface. Towel or soft cloth should only be used.
  • Take black plastic drain grates from the bottom of the RHINO™ and spray them with the same cleaner/degreaser. Wash in sink or run through the dish washing machine.
  • Spray inside the RHINO™  with the cleaner/degreaser.
  • Spray inside the RHINO™  with water to clean out.
  • Put black drain grates back in.
  • Replace filter and close clear lid.
  • Repeat the following week.