More than any other time in history, prevention is recognized as the preferred strategy for resolving waste water problems and blockages. 

In most countries, the restaurant industry is obliged by law to utilize grease traps. Restaurants are urged to remove oil, grease and organic solid matter from waste water before it flows into municipal drains. 


Regular grease traps are generally under-sized and ineffective. The Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System, however, would reduce the number of grease trap cleanings needed and eliminate disruptions and messiness.

The Rhino is the only grease trap caddy that reduces the risk of clogged pipes and the emission of odours. The Rhino filters out most  organic solid matter before entering the grease trap. By doing so, the Rhino prevents organic materials such as food particles from accumulating in the grease traps. 

As a result, the grease traps become more effective in separating the oil and grease from the water. Fewer costly drain blockages occur and fewer grease trap evacuations are required. Tons of solid waste is thus prevented from reaching municipal water treatment plants. 

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